Bracelets: not only by the sea


The orientation bracelets were designed to reinforce the usefulness of the orientation posts. Made of supple plastic, these lightweight bracelets always bear the image of one of the six orientation post figures. The bracelets serve as a mnemonic for children:
"Near which orientation post can I find my mum again? "

Another plus is that you can write on the bracelets with an ordinary pen. Many parents or supervisors therefore write the name of the child on the bracelet and indicate the location of the parents or supervisors, while the mobile phone number of the parents or supervisors is increasingly mentioned in numerous seaside resorts. If the child does get lost, the information on the bracelet ensures it will be back where it should be in no time.

Sponsors, authorities, seaside resorts, ministries and other organisations participating in the project are only too eager to have their logo printed on the bracelet.
Participation in this child and family friendly initiative has a very significant positive impact on the image of the partners, sponsors and authorities in question.
Information and logos can also be put on the back of the bracelet.
It goes without saying that the bracelets are sea water resistant.

but also during group excursions

The popularity of the user-friendly and nice-looking bracelets ensures that numerous groups and organisations also use the bracelets during excursions, school trips, events etc. One figure is then usually selected as the group's symbol, while indication of the name of the child or of the member of the group and of the phone number to be called is extremely useful if the person in question has lost their bearings.

The bracelets can be produced in various sizes (children & adults).
If desired, a suitable display can be supplied as well.