Technical sheet

orientation post

A major asset

Placing points of reference on the beach or on any location where many people gather and where there is no easily recognisable landmark is an absolute must and a plus for seaside resorts and event organisers.
It is no coincidence that the orientation posts were showcased at the World's Fair in Hannover (2000), and amply demonstrated their usefulness at a mass happening for children in the Stade de France in Paris and on numerous events.


During the production of beach orientation posts and the inseparable info boxes, special attention was paid to the specific climatic conditions of a beach: sunlight, salt water, abrasive wind-blown sand. All materials used were appropriately tested and attuned.
The installation itself, usually in guarded areas and always a different figure every 200 to 300 metres, is not very difficult, and the maintenance of the materials should not be a problem either.

The orientation post figures are supplied in a wooden box and special protective bag so as to avoid damage during transport and storage in the winter months.

Element Material Volume
Figure reinforced glass fibre, anti-UV treated ±1 m³
(except banana)
Post Aluminium 3 m
Bas reinforced and galvanised steel fitted with reinforced components 100 x 100 cm
Screws Stainless steel
Transport and storage Protective bag and wooden box on pallet